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Winter Self-Care: Polar Vortex Edition

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As it becomes colder outside, our hair needs a little extra TLC to keep looking and feeling its best. We all know that as the temperature and humidity drop, it becomes harder to keep the mid-lengths and ends of our hair well hydrated. We’re here to help! Just as in the winter you might use a heavier moisturizer on your skin, your hair needs the same kind of treatment. Indulging in a moisturizing treatment or masque can extremely beneficial; this can be done at home once every couple of weeks depending on your hair type and texture or can be added on as a treatment to your regular salon appointment. There are many types of treatments available on the market so be sure to grab one that will address your specific hair needs.

It’s also pertinent to continue with regular trims to keep the ends of your hair healthy – once a split end forms the only way to truly remedy that is with a cut. There are a number of ‘split end mending’ products on the market, and these are amazing to hold you over between trims but they really are just a temporary fix. Once a split starts it will continue up the hair shaft and eventually break off. The dry winter air can wreak havoc on those ends, making your monthly trims even more necessary.

Another common effect from dry winter air is dullness or a general lack of shine. Continuing with your conditioning treatments and trims will help remedy this, but the most effective and efficient solution is a color gloss. A color gloss is a temporary color that imparts shine to the hair. This doesn’t necessarily mean adding color to the hair, as there is always the option to do a clear gloss as well. You’ll see the effects from a gloss for up to six weeks – you’ll have instant shine and your hair will feel smoother as well!