A unique, weightless conditioning treatment created by a family owned company that has been in the industry for multiple generations. This deep moisturizing mask has been proven to tone out any unwanted warm/brassy tones while moisturizing and rejuvenating dehydrated hair. Designed to save you money and time in the shower, this product is a must have for blondes, brunettes, and anyone looking to kick brass to the curb…and have super healthy hair!


Q: How long do you leave the product in your hair?

A: 5-10mins. 

Q: Who is this product meant for?

A : All hair type, will condition and hydrate all hair:

  • Brown/ black hair it will make it brighter and shinier
  • Blond hair it will brighten and make the hair shiny and tone out warmth 
  • Gray hair it will make less coarse and also brighten it making it shiny

Q: What does the product do?

A: puts moisture and proteins back into the hair leaving your hair hydrated, soft and shiny. 

Q: Will the product help me maintain long hair?

A: This product will put moister and protein back into your hair which makes your hair stronger. Stronger hair will not break as easy as weak hair which will help maintain long hair. 

Q: How many times a week should I use this product?

A: 2 to 3 times a week.

Q: will it make my hair blonde?

A: No, but will help tone out warmth on blonde hair.