Winter Skin Care

Winter Skin Care 2000 1333 Design 1 Salon Spa

Winter may be bright and sparkly, but that doesn’t mean it helps our skin glow. When we live in a snow globe our skin gets parched. We want every day to be a good face day for you and for you to be the boss of your skincare routine. So here are some essential tips…

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Blonde Woman Winter Hair Care

Winter Self-Care: Polar Vortex Edition

Winter Self-Care: Polar Vortex Edition 2000 1264 Design 1 Salon Spa

As it becomes colder outside, our hair needs a little extra TLC to keep looking and feeling its best. We all know that as the temperature and humidity drop, it becomes harder to keep the mid-lengths and ends of our hair well hydrated. We’re here to help! Just as in the winter you might use…

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