Hair Straightening & Perms

When you need just the right style that fits your personality and your attire for a special occasion, we are here for you.  Our stylists can create the perfect look you desire.

Japanese Thermal Retexturizing

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The Japanese Thermal Retexturizing is a revolutionary hair straightening system that PERMANENTLY STRAIGHTENS even the curliest, kinkiest hair! The Japanese Thermal Retexturizing System captures the energy of natural IONS to rebuild, repair and retexturize the hair*Your hair’s texture and thickness will be a factor in pricing for this service.

Botanical Keratin Treatment

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If silky, smooth hair is what you want, you can now have it. The Botanical Keratin Treatment is a botanically based keratin smoothing system that has a cumulative effect on hair. It reduces texture up to 50%, and will last for up to 16 weeks. The Botanical Keratin Treatment may be used over all chemical treatments to enhance them. For optimum results, maintain with Keratin Complex maintenance products.


Whenever texture is added to hair the results bring a whole new look!  It can give you the soft, whimsical look or the sporty, fun look.  Of course, the texture adds support to any style.  We will seek to find the right wave or texture for you.

  • Perms: $75.00 and up
  • Partial Perm: $51.00 and up
    Available when that small area is all that needs a lift or support! Price provided during consultation with stylist.
  • Specialty Perm: $100.00 and up
    The texture that is shaped just right for you!
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