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Have you thought about coloring your hair but worried about damage? Do you have color now and wish your hair felt healthier? Our new Redken Chromatics line is exactly what you have been wanting!

Redken Chromatics is an ammonia free color which means no harsh chemicals. It is created with oil and protein extracts that surround the hairs cuticle. This creates hair that is 2 times smoother and healthier than uncolored hair! It also adds incredible depth and shine to your color.

Thinking about switching from our regular color to Redken Chromatics?  No worries!  Your stylist can easily make the switch and give you healthier hair!

~Jane W, Stylist at Design 1 Plainfield

Chromatics 4Chromatics 6

Thank you to everyone who sponsored & attended the 2015 Runway for Charity event.  This year’s event raised over $310,000.00 for the Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital!!!!

Check out the video from the 2014 Runway for Charity event.  Pictures & video from this year’s event coming soon!

It never fails… at least once a day I’m asked by a client how I get my hair to look like this…


Like most of you reading this, I have naturally wavy hair. You know the kind: somewhere in between sleek, gorgeous straight hair and full luscious ringlets. [Yeah, the kind that if you aren’t careful just gets frizzy and unmanageable…]


Today I’m going to show you my Step-by-Step Routine to create Hollywood Inspired Waves for Long Hair — and it only requires 3-after-shower styling products!

Let’s get started!


Step 1:

Shampoo & condition with professional hair care [I choose to use Pureology Nano Works… my favorite]


Step 2:

Spray a leave-in conditioner (wavy and curly hair is a drier texture of hair and therefore can handle more product – so spray generously) I choose to use Pureology Color Fanatic because it contains heat protection, keeps the longevity of color, and reduces frizz & static. This is great for every hair type!



Step 3:

Generously spray Privé Root Amplifier to your root area as well as throughout hair which helps create added texture.


Step 4:

Apply Redken Ringlet: more than you would think necessary. This product is so popular because it REALLY works for wavy and curly hair!

*I typically split my hair in half and apply one side root to end and scrunching up as I go and repeat on opposite side*


Step 5:

Let your hair air dry. I consider this to be one of the most important steps! LEAVE IT ALONE – let the products do their magic.

* I do all of the previous steps immediately following my shower. Now, while it’s air drying, I do my makeup, eat breakfast, pack my lunch and any other things I need to do for the morning! (We all really do have this extra 20 or 30 minutes of air dry time that you don’t even realize because you’d be blow drying and heat styling your hair almost that long anyway.)



Step 6:

Somewhere between 20-30 minutes later… just before I decide it’s time to get dressed, I turn the hair dryer on (IMPORTANT: WITH the nozzle)! A quick finish dry just to get 100% dry.

*Despite what most people think, it is okay to dry curly/wavy hair all the way).


Step 7:

You have the option to STOP at this point if you are looking for a fun, carefree, beachy wave look. However, if you want a little fancier, finished look, use the curl wand which makes it so easy… I love the Paul Mitchell Neuro Wand! Just grab random pieces, focusing more around your face, and then run finger through to break it up.



Step 8:

Spritz with a light hairspray or texture spray… I adore Moroccan Oil Hairspray for everyday (perk: it smells like a perfume too) or Privé Finishing Texture Spray if you want more hold.



Now you are ready to take on the day with hair that looks like you spent hours doing it when it actually

only takes 10 minutes of hands-on work!


NOTE: I do not wash my hair everyday! The 1st photo shown was actually day 3! Sometimes I like the look of day 2 or 3 even better 🙂 For the next day simply use dry shampoo if needed and wrap hair around curl wand to help freshen the curls!

Also, if you are blessed with perfectly straight hair but really want this look for a night, we can accomplish something with a curl wand and texture spray as well!

All products listed above can be found at any of our four Design 1 Salon & Spa locations.

The hair you’ve always wanted is only 1 product away!

Until next time readers,
Ashley at Design 1 South

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Fall is coming upon us fast and I don’t know about you, but I can definitely feel it in the air. I thought, since everyone is hustling to get school shopping done and unpacking their autumn wardrobes while putting away their summer ones, I’d let you in on some of the stylish trends to look out for this fall. The number one thing to look out for and play around with is, oxidized colors.

Fall Trends 2014 Oxidized Hair Color Treatment

Click to Enlarge – Fall Trends 2014 Oxidized Hair Color

Oxidized colors on one side are your bronze, rust, and brown tones, all common fall choices. On the other side are jade, turquoise, and rich green tones, such as emerald and peridot. Not as common in the fall like their counterparts, but can liven up any wardrobe when included. Look for innovative animal designs or fun fabricated effects on clothing and accessories. With regards to your hair, don’t necessarily color it darker, go with richer, warmer, and fuller colors. Finally, with make-up, go with very natural tones and accent with green for your eyeshadow. Play around and you’ll come up with something great.

I hope this helps you come up with some awesome ideas and don’t be afraid to accent with the vivid and enticing green hues on the oxidized color chart. I look forward to seeing your stylish faces this coming season.

Associate Stylist: Camden Allen from our Plainfield location


Voted “BEST Hair Salon”
-Grand Rapids Magazine

Voted “Best Spa for a Day of Pampering!”
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Voted “BEST Hair Salon”
and “BEST Pedicure/Manicure”
-Grand Rapids Magazine

Voted “Best Spa for a Day of Pampering!”
-On The Town Magazine


Voted “BEST Hair Salon”
and “BEST Pedicure/Manicure”
-Grand Rapids Magazine

Voted “Best Spa for a Day of Pampering!”
-On The Town Magazine


Voted “BEST Hair Salon”
and “BEST Pedicure/Manicure”
-Grand Rapids Magazine

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Check out the article from Mlive regarding the Movember Stache-Off:





Special Thanks to our Stylist Anna May, from our South location, who donated her time & talent for this amazing video!

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The Rachael Gray Fashion Week Makeover!

Hair by Amber

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Makeup by Dana

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