Client Rewards Program

Design 1 Salon Spa Points

Every time you visit Design 1 Salon Spa, our goal is to provide you with world class service, because you deserve it. Now we want to reward you for your loyalty.

Every dollar you spend at Design 1 on services and products earns you 10 DESIGN 1 POINTS.  We keep track of all your points for you.  All you have to do is let us know when you would like to cash in your points for DESIGN 1 DOLLARS!

10,000 points = $10 DESIGN 1 DOLLARS

Schedule an appointment and start earning points.

It’s our way of saying thank you because you’re “the one.”

Design 1 offers Design 1 Points as a part of our Client Rewards Program. This is a free program and is presented as a courtesy to all our clients. There is no obligation on your part.
You earn points every time you visit Design 1, based on how much you spend (excludes gift card purchases).

$1 spent = 10 DESIGN 1 POINTS

$35 haircut = 350 DESIGN 1 POINTS

We offer the following ways to accumulate more points sooner:

  • Earn 250 BONUS points when booking your appointment online
  • Earn 500 BONUS points when pre-booking your next appointments at ring-up (in-salon)
  • Earn 2,500 BONUS points if you are a first time client when you pre-book at checkout

You don’t have to do a thing. All Design 1 clients are automatically included in the program and are already earning points. If you are a client, you are already started!

Design 1 points can be redeemed for Design 1 Dollars.

10,000 points = $10 DESIGN 1 DOLLARS

Schedule an appointment and start earning points.

*Points can only be accumulated if accurate client name & information is available at time of checkout.  Points are non-transferable between clients or family members.  Points will be forfeited if there is no account activity for 24 months.  Points are not accumulated on discounted products & services.

When you are ready to cash in your points, just let the receptionist know when you are checking out that you would like to use your Design 1 Points.

It’s up to you when you redeem them. You can do it as soon as you have points or you can wait and accumulate more points to get a bigger deduction on your bill.